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Meet Evelyn

When we try to balance our lives we will always drop something. When we live in FLOW our spirit, relationships, work and wellness get our attention when needed.

Evelyn Wilson

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling co-author, Certified Master Life Coach, mom and motivational speaker

Evelyn is a Houston Native, who began her professional career as a music teacher. She continued teaching for 10 years until she was laid off of her job. 

At that moment she made a decision to go full time with her entrepreneurial journey. 

She operates in the capacity of Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Brand Strategist and so much more..She ultimately loves seeing people transformed whether it be through business, spiritual or wellness.

In July 2021 she decided  go on a journey of self discovery, healing and flow.

This was after a heart breaking divorce in 2020. She was determined to turn her pain into a victory.

No more dealing with issues on the surface, but digging deep to truly heal and be a better version of herself.

Now that she has completed this process she is ready to embrace the calling of helping others do the same.

Helping women across the globe find and maintain their Flow in Business and in their personal lives.

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