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Sometimes you just have to leap!

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Ever wonder why it takes us so long to get sh*t done???? Wonder no more...

Whew!! I'm finally doing it...My first legit blog post ever!! For those who are new to the family those who have been following for years thank you...and you already know. Here in Love Flow Nation we Love God, Love Ourselves and Love People (in that order).

With that being said...welcome Lovers. Yes we are the Lovers and we aim to spread...good vibes, encouragement, peace, joy...all things LOVE everywhere we go!

Why did I take a pic in front of Tupac.

Listen Lovers...I have wanted a nose ring since forever. Like I literally told all my friends I wanted one, I just knew in my heart I was going to get one. But I never actually did it until the day I snapped this pic in front of Tupac.

A friend of mine was visiting my new city. Shout out to Miami. We were just running around town and ran across this tattoo shop. I said let's go get our noses pierced. All the stars must have been aligned in that very moment, because she said let's do it! And we did it!

Why did it take me so long?

We will dream up the most exciting and amazing lives for ourselves, but at the end of the day if we do not put ACTION behind our thoughts and words...we won't get sh*t done.

I thought it for a long time, but I did not put my feet in motion. Honestly, I think I was subconsciously afraid of what people would think about me having a nose ring.

Divorced, on a Life changing Spiritual, Physical and Mental Journey, in the Moment... I got my nose pierced. (I will be sharing my experience on my youtube channel soon!)

How can you get Sh*t Done

Just do it! Put one foot in front of the other and go for it!

Lovers...I want to know what you have been procrastinating on. Go to my last IG post and Let It FLOW. Share with me what you are going to take the LEAP and do for you!!

100 Days of Flow

Today is day 52 of 100 days of flow and I have seen so much transformation in my life. 57 pounds of weight released. I have stepped outside of my comfort zone like never before. I'm walking in my truth unapologetically. Have you checked out my TikTok lately?? If you know, you know.

And I'm ready! I'm ready to share what I have learned with my tribe. At the end of my 100 days of flow I will begin a 100 day journey with you! Yep you...the one who knows that they need a change. The one who knows they need to transform and flow. The doors of this program are open now.

Space is limited so don't hesitate go now and register!!! Love you!

...and don't for get Love God, Love Yourself and Love people.

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