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My skin was crying out for love

Let’s chat about skincare for women 300LBS and over.

Listen I just made it to the land of the 300s. For years I have been over 400lbs; with my heaviest weight being 455lbs.

At this weight , I noticed some things happening with my skin that I didn’t like and honestly I felt helpless.

One major issue was this discoloration and irritation behind my knees. You know that hinge part connecting your calf to the back of your thigh?

The skin there would get moist, irritated, and it would even cause erosion.

Side note: As I was writing I actually decided to Google the exact symptoms I had and there is a name for it… who knew🙃

Moisture-associated skin damage (MASD)is the general term for inflammation or skin erosion caused by prolonged exposure to a source of moisture such as urine, stool, sweat, wound drainage, saliva, or mucus.

We can also call it Chafing, which addresses the friction from our skin rubbing together.

Well whatever you want to call, it was uncomfortable and not cute!!

Over the past 60 days and really since May 2021 I have been intentional about caring for and loving on my body.🤎

I recently shared my AM happy dance with my tribe. It is a time where I literally look at myself in the mirror IN THE NUDE and embrace ever curve, bump, wrinkle, cellulite and all!

Let me tell you Lovers it’s a whole vibe! Just me, my music and my body.

This is usually after I shower and I also rub down my entire body with Natural African Shea Butter. I’m

late to the Shea Butter gang, but it’s all I use now!

Just the other day, I was loving on my body. I mean really observing it and I noticed that the darkness and chafing behind my knees was gone!! I realized it was thanks to my new routine.

Listen that self-love and self-care will get you right!! I’m a witness!

This is not an add…I’m just telling my truth…Shea butter companies, holler at your girl though! I’m open to partnership😊

Or I may even create my own line…with a few tweeks especially for us big fine sisters. You think I should?

I will say that there needs to be more 300LBS+ representation in the industry of skincare. We want to see people who look like us…glowing and living their best healthy skin life!

And I’m definitely not afraid to share my skin stories to help another plus size sister out!!

Dealing with the same thing I was dealing with? Wake up every sunrise, take a nice long shower, and cover your body in Shea Butter head to toe!! (You may need to do it at least twice a day because it absorbs into the skin quickly.)

Stand in front of the mirror… do your Happy Dance and thank me later!!

Until next time, love God, love Yourself and love people in that order And Let it FLOW!✌🏾

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